Tavor 5-O

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The Tavor 5−O is a pair of 5.25−inch powered two−way speakers designed for indoor wall mounting. The active speaker accepts a line−level stereo input and amplifies it using a built−in amplifier and outputs a speaker signal to the passive speaker.

Active Loudspeaker — Stereo 2x30W RMS, 2x80W continuous program amplifier and volume control.
Audio Level Controls — Volume, treble and bass.
Magnetically Shielded.
Enhanced Bass Reflex.
Auto Power — Shuts off when system is not in use, indicated by a LED.
Automatic Input Voltage Selector — 90 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz.
Indoor Wall Mounting.
Available in Black or White.
Mounting Configuration — Active speaker: left, passive speaker: right.
Weight (Single Speaker) — Active speaker 2.7kg (5.95lbs) approx., passive speaker 1.7kg (4.85lbs) approx.
Package — 2 speakers (1 pair), 1 pair of U–shaped rotating mounting brackets with 4 mounting bracket screws, 3m power cord, 4m loudspeaker cable and a 2m RCA cable, user manual.
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